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Compensated livestock kills by wolves 1998–2021. The data from 2020 and 2021 is provisional. © KORA

Depredation on livestock is the most important cause for conflict around the return of the wolf, but it is also the most obvious evidence of its presence. AGRIDEA is the national centre for consultation on livestock protection. Information on livestock protection is published on the website herdenschutzschweiz.ch and in the annual reports Jahresberichten Herdenschutz. Sheep are the livestock species depredated most often (over 90%). Larger species like cattle and horses are only very rarely killed by wolves. The vast majority of farm animals killed by wolves is unprotected. The differentiation between livestock kills caused by wolves and domestic dogs is not easy and only a genetic analysis can provide certainty.

The Swiss wolf concept (DE, FR, IT) prescribes that damages caused by wolves on farm animals and agriculture crops are to be compensated by the Confederation (80%) and the respective canton (20%). The cantons need to report their information on livestock depredation to the Federal Office each year until the end of October. The Konzept Wolf Schweiz also defines conditions, under which damage-causing wolves can be authorised to be legally killed and damage-causing packs can be regulated.

Livestock killed by wolves is also presented in the KORA Monitoring Center.

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