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Golden jackal in the north-western Swiss Alps in the winter 2011/12. © KORA

So far, only some individual animals were observed in Switzerland. There have been no records of females or of reproduction events in Switzerland thus far. The closest known reproductions lie in the Trentino, Italy and in south-eastern Austria.


In Italy in 2018, an estimated 3–9 family groups occurred in the Alps, or the foothills of the Alps, respectively. The population in western Slovenia is estimated at 50–150 individuals. The majority of this western Slovenian population lies in the Alps.


An assessment of the golden jackal in Europe was performed for the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species in 2018. The total population was estimated at 97,000–117,000 individuals. The vast majority is found in the Pannonian-Balkan subpopulation (95,000–114,000). Additionally, there are estimations for the subpopulations along the Adriatic Sea (2,000–2,700), the Peloponnese (c. 400–480) and on Samos Island (c. 80). To the North and West of these subpopulations, the golden jackal is expanding its distribution, but no population estimates exist for these areas.

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