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Communications project wolf II

A wolf stands on a stone in the mountains and looks down into the valley.
Wolf in the Ticino, 2016. © KORA

This project is the continuation of the communications project wolf I and builds on its conclusions.  


To further develop communication measures on the subject of the wolf to support the responsible authorities.


Literature review, conversations & oral presentations, preparation of “communication packages”

Expected results

In the frame of the project continuation “communications project wolf II” the cantonal authorities shall be better familiarised with the results of the project so far. Specific suggestions will be prepared on the more effective targeting of communication. In project I, the municipal authorities were found to be very important for the communication with their citizens. It will be evaluated how they can support and/or complement the cantonal institutions. Furthermore, there are certain questions that are always a burning issue (e.g. threats from wolves, or the hybridisation of wolves with domestic dogs). We will prepare templates for communication measures for these questions, but also for questions on the ecology and ecological requirements of wolves. These templates are meant to provide simple and easily comprehensible information content, which can be used by the authorities for the communication with the people. The evaluation of communication measures is also foreseen for this project II, to check their effectiveness. The development of training courses completes the package of measures.

Project information

The project is financially supported by a charitable foundation based in the Principality of Liechtenstein. The needs of the cantonal authorities respected wherever possible.

Project duration: 2020-2022

Study area: whole of Switzerland

Contact KORA: Manuela von Arx

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