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KORA regards a good collaboration with partner organisations and mutual support as an indispensable part of its work. As an in-state foundation, KORA is closely connected to the cantons and other public institution such as the FOEN – its most important client. Other partners include the Office for the Environment of the Principality of Liechtenstein, scientific institutions, companies, foundations and other national and international organisations.

Government organisations and administrative offices

Scientific institutions

Further Organisations

Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Wildtierbiologie SGW The members of the SGW are connected in their interest in the multifaceted world of wild-living mammals and birds and their relationship with the environment. The SGW champions especially the conservation and promotion of these animals and their habitats, as well as education and research on this subject. Zoo Schweiz The association zooschweiz is the umbrella organisation of the scientifically led zoos in Switzerland. KORA collaborates with both zooschweiz and individual Swiss zoos in the frame of species conservation projects and public outreach.

Natural History Museums KORA collaborates with various of the over 30 Natural History Museums in Switzerland, especially for exhibitions and publications.

Kompanima Kompanima is the center of excellence on animal protection in Switzerland. It creates and distributes knowledge on animal protection and offers training courses.


International collaboration

KORA is host to the IUCN/SSC Cat Specialist Group, which maintains a global network of cat specialists. These channels connect KORA with numerous international organisations.

In connection with its main tasks, KORA fosters collaborations with the following organisations:

Partners Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme:


KORA collaborates with and is part of various networks. In the frame of these networks, expert knowledge and information on specific scientific issues is exchanged and discussed. Additionally, monitoring methods are coordinated.

Wolf Alpine Group

All members of the Wolf Alpine Group photographed in 2015
Wolf Alpine Group 2015

The Wolf Alpine Group is an informal group of specialists in wild animal research and administration. They meet every two years in one of the Alpine countries to exchange information and to discuss and make decisions concerning wolf monitoring. The discussions are always summarized in a published report called “Alpine Wolf Workshop”. The report shows retrospectively the status of the wolf population the distribution and number of packs in the Alps. The organisation of the meeting and the coordination of the report is done by a different one of the participating countries every time. The reports are published on the LCIE website. KORA organises the workshop and edits the report when the meeting takes place in Switzerland.

Workshop reports

Eighth Alpine Wolf Workshop Seventh Alpine Wolf Workshop Fifth Alpine Wolf Workshop Third Alpine Wolf Workshop Second Alpine Wolf Workshop First Alpine Wolf Workshop

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