Other species

The survey of wild animal populations in Switzerland is a legal mandate of the government. Good and scientifically correct monitoring is, however time consuming and costly, and can only be done for important questions and specific goals. Therefore, for many species is the only tool is an opportunistic monitoring, at the best a documentation of dead found specimens or chance observations of the species.

There are no population sizes are determined for the omnipresent fox. From the long-term development of mortality (hunting bag, traffic accidents etc.) one can estimate the minimal population size and trend. The monitoring of the wildcat is in progress. First goals are the understanding of its distribution respectively, its dispersal and relative population trend. Estimation of the population size is not (yet) possible and would be obtained with considerable effort. For the rare immigrants (fish otter, golden jackal, racoon, racoon dog) only observations (based on the SCALP criteria) are collected and all dead found animals examined.

We collect observations of the mentioned animal species and forward, if need be, the data to our partners. You can find a register of institutions and organisations dealing with carnivores in Switzerland under links.