Wolf monitoring

Since Switzerland presently is only populated by a few single wolves ranging over very big areas, at this time only opportunistic monitoring for surveying the population is suitable. KORA collects all reported wolf evidence and does not conduct a capture-recapture monitoring as for the lynx. The presence of the wolf in a certain area is mostly confirmed by:

  • Genetic samples such as saliva collected from kills of livestock and wild animals or such as scats collected in the surroundings. Based on the genetic analysis, the minimal number of wolves in Switzerland can be determined.
  • Pictures from camera traps or taken directly by persons who have observed a wolf. Unlike the lynx, wolves can only be individually identified in exceptional cases.

We collect also evidence of kills, tracks and direct observations of wolves. However, such observations are prone to be mistaken with the signs of large dogs. For wolf reports we also apply the SCALP categories.

Do you have any evidence of a wolf? You can report your observation here