Badgers live in loose family bounds. © Laurent Geslin

Administration in Switzerland: Federation and Cantons

Federal office of environment

Federal food safety and veterinary office

Federal hunting statistics (available in German)

Livestock protection Switzerland (available in German, French and Italien)

Cantonal game specialist department


Scientific institutions and expert commissions in Switzerland

Centre Suisse de la Cartographie de la Faune CSCF

Swiss federal institute for forest, snow and landscape research

A guide to urban foxes

Laboratory for Conservation Biology University of Lausanne

Natural museum Bern (available in German)

Roe deer project Switzerland (available in German)

Swiss society of wildlife biology (available in German and French)

Swiss rabies center

Wild animals Switzerland

Center of Fish- and Wild Animal Medicine


Scientific institutions and international expert commission

International Association for Bear Research & Management

Bear Trentino

Carnivore Ecology & Conservation

International Union for Conservation of Nature

IUCN Cat Specialist Group

IUCN Canid Specialist Group

Large Carnivore Initiative Europe LCIE

Lynx project Bavaria (available in German)

Lynx France (available in French)

World Lynx


Private-law organisations Switzerland

Hintermann und Weber

Hunting Switzerland (available in German, French and Italien)

Pro Lutra Schwitzerland (available in German and French)

Pro Natura

Ermine network (available in German)

WWF Switzerland (available in German, French and Italien)

Zurich aimal welfare