Announcement forms

The systematic capture of carnivore evidence is an important part of the monitoring. Using this data, the evolution of spatial distribution of animals in Switzerland can be documented and a distribution map produced.

We are interested in all credible observations. Please report them to us! Please use the Word document forms listed alongside. In the case of footprints and prey kills, pictures can be very helpful for identification. 

Genetic evidence (forms in German only)

Comments on genetic analyses

Checklist sample collection

Illustrations for the sample collection checklist

Form for genetic samples.pdf

Form for genetic samples.doc

To be able to save filled in pdf forms you need to install Adobe Acrobat full version. You cannot save the documents with the free version of Adobe Reader. 


Observations: (forms in German only)

Bear.doc (61kb) 

Wolf.doc (67kb) 

Lynx.doc (57kb) 

andere Raubtiere.doc (50kb) 


Official reports (forms in German only)

Information for the game wardens: a copy of the filled in form of animals found dead from the canton is sufficient as a report form. Please provide the coordinates. We are greatful for your collaboration.  

Lynx game warden survey.doc (85kb) 

killed livestock.doc (144kb) 


Evaluation of livestock (forms in German only)

Evaluation of scheep.pdf (17kb)

Evaluation of goats.pdf (9kb)